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At Warwick Glass, we install an amazing range of warm roof conservatories across… Coventry, Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwickshire.

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Increased Privacy

Coventry homeowners come to Warwick Glass for their warm roof conservatories because they know that once fitted their houses will benefit from increased privacy. This is because our warm roof conservatories are fitted with tiles, a fact that also helps them to blend more easily with your home, with these roofs there is no danger of your conservatory appearing like an afterthought. It is not just added privacy that our warm roof conservatories offer, it is increased warmth, so when you fit one, you will be awarded with enhanced privacy and thermal efficiency.


If your thoughts about conservatories are that they are bitterly cold in winter and boiling hot in summer then that has changed thanks to our warm roof conservatories, because these conservatories are 100% weatherproof. They keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature throughout the year for many reasons, one is because of the tiles that are fitted to the roofs, these stop the bright sunlight from beating down and making your conservatory feel stuffy, as well as fading your furniture. The tiles will also stop annoying draughts making your conservatory feel cold and unwelcoming. With our warm roof conservatories, you will be awarded with a space where you can sit and relax throughout the year gazing out onto your garden and the surrounding Coventry countryside. Benefit from all the pleasure that our warm roof conservatories can bring you 365 days a year.


We know that it is really important that your warm roof conservatory reflects your personal taste and the architectural design of your Coventry home. To enable you to achieve this, we offer a customisation programme with our warm roof conservatories, we put you in the driver's seat for several design features which ensure that you put your own stamp on your warm roof conservatory. One of the main choices we offer is colour, with or wide range of shades ranging from traditional to contemporary, we are sure that you will find the perfect colour, so when you do install one of our warm roof conservatories, it will be the one that best reflects you.

Market-Leading Performance

The traditional and classic appearance of our warm roof conservatories has made them incredibly popular with homeowners in Coventry, as have the very modern performance-boosting practical benefits that they offer. One of the main ones that our warm roof conservatories offer is enhanced thermal efficiency, this means that no matter what the weather is like outside your conservatory will remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The thermal efficiency that these warm roof conservatories offer will also allow you to keep yours warmer for longer without needing to turn up the heating, which can lead to your energy bills reducing in size, so saving you money.
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Our Coventry homeowners use their warm roof conservatories in a number of different ways, thanks to their adaptable design and thermal efficiency the choices and options are wide-ranging. Some use them as gyms, others for home offices and a lot use them as a beautiful space in which they can relax and entertain. To discover more about how our warm roof conservatories can benefit your home and the practical benefits that they offer, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts today. We also have an online design tool which allows you to create your own special warm roof conservatory.


LABC Approved

We are proud of the quality of our warm roof conservatories, and we believe that we stick to some of the best on the market today. The good news is that you don't have to take our word for it, as our warm roof conservatories are approved by LABC a national organisation representing the building control departments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These regulations specifically assess and certify how our products suit their standards. This means that when you come to Warwick Glass for your warm roof conservatory, you can be confident that you are buying a product of outstanding quality that will last a lifetime.

Thermal Efficiency

Thankfully when Coventry homeowners come to us for their warm roof conservatories, they are confident in the knowledge that they can enjoy them throughout the year. This is because they are highly thermally efficient - thanks to the quality of the tiles fitted on them. Our warm roof conservatories are also built with thermal efficient materials, including plasterboards, exterior grade plywood and vapour membrane. This incredible combination allows your roof to achieve U-values as low as 0.18W/m2K. A knock-on effect of this thermal efficiency is that you will use less energy to keep warm, so you should expect to see your energy bills reduce in size.

Roof Windows

Whilst our warm roof conservatories keep you private and secluded they do also offer a way of your looking out onto the Coventry countryside without reducing your privacy. This is possible because our warm roof conservatories come with the option of being fitted with roof windows, not only do they give you amazing views, but they also allow natural light to flood in. The double glazing on our roof windows is of outstanding quality, so your warm roof conservatory's thermal efficiency won't be reduced.

Amazing Quality Roofs

When you come to Warwick Glass for your warm roof conservatory you are ensured a home improvement product of outstanding quality. These warm roof conservatories offer your Coventry h home added kerbside appeals as well as giving a range of practical benefits, these include, thermal efficiency, weatherproofing and security. Install one today and enjoy your warm roof conservatory throughout the year.



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