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French Doors

French Doors

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Offering style and easy access to your garden – flooding your house with ventilation and light.

They can be configured to open inwards or outwards depending on the space available – and they make a real feature of your patio, conservatory, balcony or garden. One door is considered to be the traffic door and must be opened to let the non-traffic door open. This should be carefully considered and our sales consultant will be happy to help you decide using their experience.

Our uPVC French doors are now available in an expanded range of colours, with a full set of suited door furniture, and can be made in either chamfered or sculptured profiles so that they match your existing windows and doors. Depending upon the size of the opening, you may need side panels – and these can look simply stunning if you choose a leaded or astragal bar design. Another advantage of side panels is that the French doors will open back further.

Most of our customers decide to include door restriction to limit the opening of the doors to approximately 90 degrees, then if the wind catches the door it cannot damage the hinges. Also, the addition of cabin hooks to the French doors allow them to be hooked open.

  • French Doors

    Make the most of space.
  • French Doors

    Great as part of a bay.
  • French Doors

    Rosewood front door screen.
  • French Doors

    With side windows.
  • French Doors

    Georgian bar.
  • French Doors

    Handle options.


Frame Colours

Our wood-grain foils give your French doors an authentic timber appearance, so you’d be forgiven for thinking your frames were actually made of wood, without the maintenance.


Door Furniture

Our uPVC French door handles come in a range of colours to match the rest of your home. For added security the external half can be blanked, hiding the lock cylinder from view.


Low Threshold

The threshold options for our French doors range from a standard full weatherseal to a low threshold option suitable where a trip hazard must be avoided.


Yale Lock

Following the increase of burglars using bump keys, we use anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill Yale lock cylinders to our French doors as standard.


Extra Secure

The addition of shootbolts to the top and bottom of the door lock increases the points of locking to 7. The shootbolts ensure the doors are secure and weather-tight when locked.


Secure Design

Through rigourous design and testing our uPVC French doors achieve Secure By Design status with the addition of laminate glass to one pane. Ask our consultant for more details.

Integral Blinds

Internal blinds provide the best solution for the management of light and shade through your French doors. With the blind inside the cavity of the double glazed unit, you can operate the doors with the blinds up or down and they will never need cleaning. Uni-blind integrated blinds come in two forms:

C system

Designed with rotational magnetic control for raising and tilting a blind integrated within the double-glazed unit. The magnetic transmission through the glass guarantees the unit's hermetic seal. The operating cord is attached to the double glazed unit to prevent a choke hazard.

M system

The electronically motorised blinds can be controlled using a button on the side of the glass. The addition of a remote control allows full control of your lighting from the comfort of your favourite sofa or even from your bed! Plus the system can synchronise the movement of groups of blinds.

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