DIY SOS: the big build - Bidford On Avon

Warwick Glass are proud to have been involved withBBC's DIY SOS by supplying and installing vital windows and doors for a heartmoving housebuild in December to allow a local Bidford-on-Avon family to care for their daughter, Chloe, at home. It was one of DIY SOS's biggest projects to date as the downstairs of the property had to be converted to allow wheelchair access throughout.

Warwick Folk Festival 2016 - 21st to 24th July

Warwick Glass have continued our Gold Partnership with Warwick's premier event this summer. The Warwick Folk Festival continues to showcase the best folk music concerts, along with comedy, crafts and dance for the whole family. It can be worthwhile getting a day ticket just to enjoy the street food and real ales available around the Warwick School site.

Touch FM Pride Of Warwick District Awards 2016

Congratulations to Lynne Barton, Joan Bolton, Daniel Browne, Paul Calver and Nicola Enoch for their nominations as Citizens of the Year at the 2016 Pride of Warwick District Awards. We do not envy the tough the decision the judges will make in selecting the winner.

Warwick Glass Apprenticeship Update

Congratulations to our Apprentice April, who has completed two years as an apprentice from Warwickshire College in our Installations Office. Also, our newest member of staff in the Glazing Office, Steph, has been with us for over one year.‬

Warwick Folk Festival 2015 - 24th to 27th July

The Warwick Folk Festival covers a wide range of styles such as blues, rock, country and funk, offering something for all music lovers, as well as dedicated folk fans. Billy Bragg is this year's headline act, but we recommend seeing the Demon Barbers XL. Tickets can be booked online at or over the phone by calling the Bridge House Theater box office on 01926 776438.

Touch FM Pride Of Warwick District Awards 2015

Following our win last year, Warwick Glass was given the opportunity to sponsor the Customer Care Award 2015. Congratulations to the eventual winners ‬Woodland Grange Conference Venue in Leamington Spa who champion customer service excellence throughout their business. Nevertheless, both Baxi and Marco's New York Italian Restaurant made strong cases to have been given this prestigious award.

Which? Trusted Traders

Which? Trusted Traders recognise reputable traders, to support trustworthy local businesses and help customers. We are proud to have become partners with Which? Trusted Traders after satisfying their rigorous assessment process. Which? contacted a random selection of our previous customers, so we would like to thank you for helping us achieve this prestigious accolade. Which? were also impressed with our comprehensive guarantee and after sales service. Any of our customers can leave a review on our Which? Trusted Trader listing.

Touch FM Pride Of Warwick 2014 Customer Care Award

We are proud to have our Customer Care acknowledged by Touch FM in the Pride of Warwick Awards. Judges were looking for cases where customers were treated with care, courtesy and respect. A perfect example of our customer care occurred in early 2014 when a mother in distress phoned us to repair a window she had to smash in order to get to her ill daughter. Our Glazing Manager, could hear the mother was very upset and instructed the glazier going to repair the window to collect a bunch of flowers en route. This small act of kindness was greatly appreciated by the mother in what was possibly her darkest hour and the next day Steve received a thank you card commending this small but significant action.

Warwick Folk Festival 2014 - 24th to 27th July

The Festival, which will celebrate its 35th year, takes place from Thursday 24 – Sunday 27 July at Warwick School. The festival is expected to attract record numbers and tickets are selling fast, especially for headline act Richard Thompson. The packed programme of over 130 events includes concerts, ceilidhs, workshops, a crafts and music fair and the return of Panic Circus. Plus there’s a vast array of colourful dance displays, pub music sessions and open air concerts in the historic town centre.

Our How To Guide: Window Cleaning

These are our top tips to help you keep your windows squeaky clean and sparkling.

  1. If your windows only have the odd smudge or smear a cleaning spray and a cloth will be sufficient. However, if you haven't washed the windows for months, we advise using a squeegee for a proper clean .
  2. For best results, wash your windows on a cloudy day. Sunshine makes glass harder to clean because of glare. It will also dry the cleaning solution before you finished, leaving unsightly streaks.
  3. Start with the frames first, so you don't drip dirty water on clean panes. A wipe with a wet sponge should do the trick, but if they're very grubby, a cream cleaner is ideal on uPVC.
  4. Clean the glass next by sponging them down with warm soapy water. Dip a sponge or the foam part of a squeegee into the water, squeeze out the excess, then rub gently on the glass.
  5. We think that the squeegee's rubber strip should be moved down the window in a reverse ‘S' pattern from a top corner. At the end of each stroke, wipe it clean of suds, water and dirt with a lint-free cloth. Stubborn marks may need a going over with a sponge.
  6. Finish by wiping off excess water or suds from the edges and window sill using an absorbent cloth. Repeat the process on the inside of your windows.
  7. Remember to order your upstairs windows with Easy Clean hinges to avoid having to use your ladders to get to the outside pane. The Easy Clean hinges slide the casement to the centre of the frame, giving full, easy and safe access to both surfaces of the glass and frame.
  8. Although we recommend warm soapy water as a standard, some of our customers are convinced that the best results are achieved by cleaning glass using scrunched-up newspaper dipped in a solution of half water, half white vinegar. Rub in a circular pattern to wipe off dirt, then switch to a vertical, then horizontal, stroke until the liquid has disappeared.
  9. Wash windows every two to three months, so you'll have less to do each time.

Warwick Folk Festival - 25th to 28th July 2013

We go to the Warwick Folk Festival every year, you really can't beat the great atmosphere, local real ales and long beards! The chance to hear some of the UK's best folk artists from the comfort of the Warwick School campus shouldn't be missed.
If you haven't been before, we recommend getting a day ticket, which can be bought from the website or collected from The Bridgehouse Theatre box office. It gives you access to the Festival show-ground site and the host of shows, the craft fair and the fantastic food stalls (especially the wood-fired pizzas).

The day the Archbishop took a call from Warwick Glass

Our manager remembers phoning The Most Rev Justin Welby, who was then working as a conflict negotiator as a Canon of Coventry Cathedral, and although The Most Rev Justin Welby is now the Archbishop of Canterbury, it seems Warwick Glass will always have a place in the memory of the new leader of the Anglican Church.
In his new biography, The Most Rev Justin Welby has recounted how he once found himself 'looking up the barrell of a gun at a roadblock' when his mobile phone rang. Retrospectively this situation appears humorous, however at the time the ringing phone caused an embarrassed pause. Upon answering the mobile Welby was greeted with "Warwick Glass here, Mr Welby. Can we fit your new window this afternoon?". No wonder we had to contact Mrs. Welby that afternoon, nevertheless we're extremely pleased The Most Rev Justin Welby lived to tell the tale.

Most Loved Local Business

We have been proclaimed as one of the ‘Most Loved’ in the Double Glazing & Conservatories Category during the Best of Warwick 14 Days of Love campaign 2011. We would like to thank the huge number of people who took time to write testimonials.

Over 16,000 businesses received nominations nationwide and we emerged as the 2nd placed business Nationally in our sector and 2nd as ‘Most Loved’ business in Leamington Spa and 3rd as ‘Most Loved’ business in Warwick!

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