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Conservatory Conversions

Conservatory Conversions

Enjoy it all year round

In just a few days, we can turn your old conservatory into a beautiful Garden Room with our carefully selected Warmroof. A space you'll be able to use and enjoy all year round.

How do we do it?

1. First of all, we take great care in removing your old roof.

2. The next job is to construct, install and secure the lightweight aluminium framework.

3. Then we add the high performance insulation materials, including breather membrane and exterior roof tiles.

4. Finally, the interior is competed with a plastered finish. A new Warmroof as simple as that!

Building regulations are required

THE EXISTING CONSERVATORY ROOF MUST BE REMOVED AND REPLACED TO CONFORM TO LOCAL BUILDING REGULATION. So you'll be pleased to know that the Guardian™ Warmroof is fully compliant and LABC approved.

We will take care of all the paperwork and official documentation - it's all part of the service! – Please be aware of companies offering ‘to transform your existing roof by keeping the existing roof in place and creating a ceiling’. This method DOES NOT conform to Local Building Regulation and causes severe condensation issues and structural issues to the existing roof due to materials being added to the structure internally and externally.

  • Tiled-Roof-Conservatory-Match-Your-Tiles

    A wide range of tiles are available.

    Create perfect harmony with your existing property.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Edwardian-Brown

    Edwardian Roof Conversion

    With brown tiles.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Victorian-Red

    Victorian Conservatory Tiled Roof

    Incorporate a tiled roof on your new build or update your existing roof.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Light-Spacious

    All The Benefits

    A light and spacious sun room is created that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Victorian-Brown-uPVC

    Victorian Roof Conversion

    With brown tiles over a uPVC base.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Victorian-Brown-Timber

    Victorian Conservatory Conversion

    With brown tiles over a timber base.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Mediterranean-Brown

    Mediterranean Roof Conversion

    With brown tiles.
  • Tiled-Conservatory-Roof-Combination-Grey

    Combination Roof Conversion

    With grey tiles.


Create a new room

A magnificent vaulted, plastered ceiling provides you with the opportunity for complete harmonisation with your connecting room and décor.


Wall Options

Your tiled roof can be supported by traditional conservatory walls or stone or brick pillars and incorporate your choice of doors and windows.


Superior Insulation

Superior insulating performance to a traditionally built roof ensures you stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer; achieving a 0.18 W/m²K U-value.


Tile Options

A range of tiles for perfect harmony with your existing property.


Roof Windows

You can bring daylight deeper into the room to make it larger, brighter and more homely.


LABC approved

Minimise building control checks by choosing a LABC registered system.

Create a lasting impression of an investment well made with our conservatory tiled roof conversions, resulting in a sleek, superbly insulated room you will use all year round.

Our innovative Warmroof system extends your living space in perfect harmony with your home to give you the most loved room in the house. It can either be used on a new built extension or to replace your existing conservatory roof. It creates a spectacular, spacious vaulted ceiling on the inside, whilst matching the existing tiled roof finish on the outside. It out performs a traditional conservatory roof in almost every way.

Warmroofs are perfect if you are seeking an extension in complete harmony with your home. Combining the very best of British engineering and design in an exceptional roofing system that redefines the way conservatory roofs are built. Externally or internally you’ll recognise that your new roof system is superbly crafted from a superior design. Both our workmanship and the conservatory are covered by our comprehensive guarantee.

Whether your home is modern or traditional the addition of a tiled roof to your conservatory will complement it perfectly and transform it into a sun room that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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