UPVC Doors

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UPVC Doors

UPVC Doors

Create an entrance

Our uPVC door collection quite simply has something to suit everyone – from classically styled front doors to diamond leaded, solid or stable doors for the back!

uPVC is extremely hardwearing, virtually maintenance free and engineered to be strong and utterly secure.

Just choose the door, then select the glass and door furniture in white, gold or chrome to suit your style, perfectly. You can choose between two profiles – the sculptured profile mimics the traditional appearance of timber doors, whilst a chamfered profile has a more contemporary style - and a range of colours guaranteed not to fade. Every door meets stringent security standards and can achieve ‘Secured by Design’ status.

Our experienced consultants can give you lots of advice about the type of door that will match your home most sympathetically. Ask them about Yale Keyfree handles.

  • Door-UPVCDoor-ChartwellGreenStableDoor

    UPVC Door

    Chartwell Green Stable Door.
  • Door-UPVCDoor-Handle

    UPVC Door

  • Door-UPVCDoor-LightOakUPVCPanelDoorWithSidePanel

    UPVC Door

    Light Oak UPVC panel door with side panel.
  • Door-UPVCDoor-PanelOfYourChoice

    UPVC Door

    Panel of your choice.
  • Door-UPVCDoor-RosewoodPanelDoor

    UPVC Door

    Rosewood panel door.
  • Door-UPVCDoor-RosewoodPanelDoorWithSidePanel

    UPVC Door

    Rosewood panel door with side panel.
  • Door-UPVCDoor-YourDoorYourDesign

    UPVC Door

    Your door, your design.

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