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Amazing Sightlines

We stock an enviable range of aluminium windows, all of which give you amazing sightlines, these thin frames give rise to large expanses of glazing. These aluminium windows, give you unbroken views out onto your garden and the surrounding areas and at the same time allow an abundance of natural light to flood your home. When you install our aluminium windows, your home will appear airier and larger.

Long lasting

Thanks to the quality of the materials used in our aluminium windows, they last a long time and continue to perform brilliantly for an equally long time. We carried out an in-depth research programme to find out which brand of aluminium windows we should stock, having tested many products we decided to offer our Coventry homeowners the Origin range of aluminium windows. These windows come with incredibly lightweight frames, however even though these frames are slim they are incredibly strong, thanks to the inherent strength of aluminium. What this combination means is that you get the largest panels of glazing possible giving you wonderful views.

Increased security

Understandably the security of their homes is very important to Coventry homeowners, the good news is that our aluminium windows can help improve the safety of your property. With our top-quality aluminium windows, you get cutting-edge multipoint locking systems as standard. These locks ensure that there are no weak points in the windows, so adding extra security to your home.

Amazing design

Install our beautiful aluminium windows in your Coventry home and notice the instant added kerbside appeal that they offer. These windows will not just enhance the aesthetics of your home, they will also offer you a wide range of performance-boosting practical benefits. These benefits include improved security, thermal efficiency and soundproofing. These benefits will continue to reap their rewards for many years to come, thanks to the durable and robust nature of the materials used in their manufacturing process. To discover how our aluminium windows can help improve your home's performance levels, please get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.
Aluminium Windows Coventry
Aluminium Windows Coventry price
Our aluminium windows don't just help your home's performance levels, they also help the environment as they are completely sustainable. The aluminium used is recyclable, so these windows will never end up in landfill, they also happen to be incredibly thermally efficient. What this means is that you will end up less energy to keep your home warmer for longer, which results in you using less energy, so reducing your carbon footprint. These aluminium windows will help you save money and the planet in equal measure.

The Benefits of our aluminium windows


No matter how bad the weather is outside in Coventry, your aluminium windows will not be affected. This means that you can wave goodbye to draughts, cold spots and dampness, this is down to the fact that the materials used and the technology used in their manufacturing process help keep your home warm and dry throughout the year. No matter how extreme the weather is, your aluminium windows will look amazing and perform brilliantly.


To ensure that your aluminium windows complement the architectural style of your Coventry home, we give all of our customers the chance to customise their windows. One of the main ways you can put your own sense of taste on these aluminium windows is by choosing the colour of the frames. We offer a wide range of 150 RAL colours, which run the gamut of a great variety of colours. You could choose a neutral shade for a more traditional property or a bolder tone for a more modern home. To speak more about our customisation process, please call our team of friendly experts today.

Easy To Look After

Unlike timber-framed windows, our aluminium windows do not require any time-consuming maintenance. These windows will require no repainting or re-varnishing to keep them looking great and performing brilliantly. All you need to do is wipe these aluminium windows down with a warm, damp cloth to ensure they are pristine. Our aluminium windows are one of the easiest-to-look-after home improvement products you can install in your Coventry home.

Installers You Can Trust

It is not just the quality of our aluminium windows that impresses, it is also the way that they are installed, in particular the team of friendly experts who carry out the process. Our teams will treat your Coventry home with respect and leave it in the state that they found it. We have a very flexible approach to the installation of your aluminium windows, meaning we fit around you and not the other way around.


Aluminium Windows Prices Coventry

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