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Slim Sightlines

A considerable benefit that comes from our stunning aluminium windows is their slim sightlines. This allows for natural light to flood in through these profiles and brighten up dark spaces. This helps to make rooms feel bigger and more spacious. Their slim frames do not compromise on the security. This is because aluminium is robust while being incredibly lightweight.

Durable Solution

With the high quality materials that are used to create our aluminium windows, you can be sure that these will last for your Royal Leamington Spa home. This means that you will be making a worthwhile investment and improvement to your structure. They will not become warped or misshaped even with extremely hot or cold days too!

Outstanding Security

We know that security is the top priority when having any new double glazed windows fitted into your Royal Leamington Spa home. That is why each of our aluminium windows is designed with extraordinary security measures in mind. There is an advanced multipoint locking system throughout the frame as well as aluminium being a robust material itself.

A Contemporary Choice

Aluminium windows are one of the first choices that many homeowners think of when they’re looking for modern home improvements. Their style is one that cannot be matched by other materials on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that the energy efficiency doesn’t suffer. Instead, you will benefit from a warm AND stylish home in Royal Leamington Spa and throughout the surrounding areas.
grey aluminium windows royal leamington spa
aluminium double glazed windows royal leamington spa
This means that you will be doing your bit for the environment by reducing how often you need your heating on during the winter and how long you need the fans on during summer. Our market leading aluminium windows are ideal for those looking to save money in their budget as they are competitively priced and will help to reduce your bills. Get in touch today to find out more information about these thermally efficient installations.



It is no secret that the weather in the UK is often up and down. That is why you want aluminium windows that will protect you from the elements regardless of what they are doing outside. There will be no issues with water seeping through, condensation on your installations or even mould growth around the windows. Get in touch to find out more information about our stunning aluminium windows.

Bespoke Aluminium Windows

These profiles can be tailored to better suit your home due to their wide range of styles and customisation options. We have a vast range of colours and styles that you will be able to choose from. In fact, we have over 150 RAL colours. We also have woodgrain foils that can give you a more traditional look to such a modern material. Get a free online quote from us today in a matter of minutes!

Low Maintenance

We know that traditional materials often come with a lot of baggage. With our aluminium windows, this will become a thing of the past. No longer will you have to be sanding down the profiles. Instead, you can benefit from the fantastic performance that lasts for many years to come. The colour will last too. It will not crack, peel or fade.

Professional Installation

We, as a company, are proud to offer high quality windows and doors that are sure to impress. We also work professionally to make sure that you aren’t left waiting around and wondering what is going on with your new aluminium windows. We work quickly and efficiently to give you everything you need – from quotation to installation.


Aluminium Windows Prices Royal Leamington Spa


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