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Slim Sightlines

At Warwick Glass, our aluminium windows are instantly recognisable by their sleek slim sightlines. Our aluminium windows allow extra natural light to flood your Solihull home, making it appear airier and larger. The extra sunlight that our aluminium windows all into your home can also keep it warmer for longer.


When you install our aluminium windows in your home, you are making a long-lasting investment as they have been designed and built to last. After an exhaustive research campaign into all the major windows suppliers, we decided to partner with Origin as we believe that their frames and double glazing are the best on the market today. The aluminium they use is incredibly strong, so you can expect it to last a lifetime, due to its inherent strength our aluminium frames can support large expanses of double glazing, meaning your Solihull home benefits from extra light, once you have installed our aluminium windows.

Enhanced security

We understand that keeping your home and family safe is a main priority, and that is why we are proud to announce that our aluminium windows can really make a significant improvement in your home's security. This is because the double glazing present in them is incredibly strong and our aluminium windows all come with multi-point locking systems as standard, meaning your aluminium window is secured in several places.

Outstanding design

One of the most popular reasons for Solihull homeowners choosing our aluminium windows is because of their beautiful aesthetic appearance and remarkable performance levels. Our stunning aluminium windows won't just give your home increased kerbside appeal, but they will also offer your property a host of practical benefits as well, including thermal efficiency and security. The other good news is that when you choose our aluminium windows you get an input in the way they look. This ensures that the windows you choose are the ones you have always dreamt of.
Aluminium Windows
Aluminium Windows
If you care about the environment as much as do, then you'll want to install our aluminium windows. This is because when you install them in your Solihull home, you will use less energy, thanks to their thermal efficiency. Our aluminium windows keep all the warmth inside your home and the cold air out, the result is that you use less energy and as a result, your energy bills will reduce. So when you install our aluminium windows, you are not just saving yourself money, but helping to save the planet by reducing your energy consumption. For a no-obligation quote or to find out more about how our aluminium windows can benefit you and your home, get in touch today.

The Benefits

Enhanced Weatherproofing

Bad weather can play havoc with your Solihull home, extreme wind, rain and sun can lead to dampness, extreme condensation, mould, cracking and fading. The good news is that our aluminium windows are highly weatherproof, meaning that however bad the weather is outside it will not ruin your windows. The way our aluminium windows have been manufactured means that whilst they keep the warm air inside your home, they also keep out the draughts and rain. For more information on the practical benefits that our windows can bring to your home, please call us today.

Customisable Aluminium Windows

We want you to have aluminium windows that suit your personal taste and the architectural style of your Solihull home. So when you come to Warwick Glass for your aluminium windows you get an input in their design. Choose the colour of the frames from our wide range of 150 RAL colours, maybe a neutral if your home is more traditional or if your house is contemporary in style, then a bolder tone might be your choice. Get a free online quote today to find out more information.

Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional timber framed windows, our aluminium windows are really easy to look after. Thanks to the way they are manufactured and the quality of the materials used, our aluminium windows will not rot, fade, crack or warp. The only maintenance required to keep your aluminium windows looking as good as new is to wipe them down with a warm damp cloth. Be the envy of your Solihull neighbours and install our top quality aluminium windows.

Expert installation

As well as the quality and ability to customise our aluminium windows one of the most popular reasons why Solihull homeowners come to us is because of our experienced installation team. They are friendly and professional and treat your home with the utmost respect, leaving it lean and tidy. The entire installation process is stress-free and truly professional, but don't just take our word for it, we are a registered Fensa company, meaning we meet all the necessary industry standards.


Aluminium Windows Prices Solihull

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