Edwardian Conservatory With Glass Roof

With the home improvement project, the homeowner was looking for a bright expansion to their home. This is why have fitted this beautiful installation with a glass roof. With stunning visuals these also boast great performance through thermal efficiency and security.

With our glass roofs, you will be inviting in an incredible amount of natural light. However, you won’t experience the feeling of a greenhouse. While it may allow in sunlight it rejects the heat that can make installations unbearable. Not only this but during the winter, the cold and wet weather is kept out through this magnificent roofing system too.

This means we have created a stunning Edwardian conservatory for the homeowner that can be used throughout the year regardless of the weather. To finish off the detailing of the Edwardian conservatory, we fitted the roof with finials. This is an elegant touch the really creates a unique and regal aesthetic.

Thermal performance comes as standard with each Edwardian conservatory. Their traditional appeal is only boosted by modern performance. You will be able to save money on your energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint through not having to have your heating on for as long or as high. Security is also something we crafted into this installation as we believe that peace of mind is a very important thing.

Edwardian Conservatory Details

To further complement the aesthetics of this installation in Leamington, the homeowner opted for French doors that opened into their garden. This creates an easy transition from the inside to the outside through a simple yet effective design. The French doors offer unobstructed views when they are fully opened as well as complete access to the expanse of the installation. The dwarf wall that the structure that it is built on has had a brick match. This means that it seamlessly blends into the original structure.

Modern Conservatory Royal Leamington Spa
Conservatory Room Stratford-upon-Avon

To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of this Edwardian conservatory we fitted sculpted windows from Profile 22’s Optima range (this includes chamfered style too) and Georgian curved bars. These add a traditional and regal aesthetic that perfectly blends with the existing aesthetics of this Leamington home. The double glazed windows and doors all come with multi point locking mechanisms to ensure security is standard. The homeowner is incredibly pleased with the care and attention to detail we have instilled into their new Edwardian conservatory – matching it to their home creating a classic appeal they can relax and unwind in.

Edwardian Conservatory Prices, Leamington

Discover an elegant and regal installation that is easy to furnish with a square floor plan. We, as a company, supply and install Edwardian Conservatories throughout Leamington and the surrounding areas.

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