The Glazed Extension Installation

Glazed extensions are similar in concept to a conservatory. However, there is a difference. For example, they feature greater spans of glazing, which enhances any space that it is added onto. This is because it lets the natural light flood in and provides unobstructed views of your outside space.

This customer in Warwick opted for a small yet impressive extension of their room. It features a simple rectangular base that is simple and easy to furnish. The frames are slim, offering maximum connection to the garden. They are a stunning black colour to match the double glazed door fitted in the adjacent wall. This has had a great impact on the space, opening up the room and creating a more inviting feeling.

The client is delighted with the way the glazed extension has turned out. It has transformed their Warwick property and their way of life. By being exposed to more natural light, rooms appear even larger than they did before. By getting this installation fitted, the client has a more inviting space that they would be proud to show off to their guests. The modern style is fantastic at adding a contemporary appeal.

Glazed Extension Appeal

Why opt for a conservatory when you can get outstanding modern appeal through the installation of a glazed extension? These are more a more creative and innovative way of expanding rooms with a bespoke aesthetic. These can be completely tailored to your ideas and make better use of your space. The large spans of toughened double glazing are effective and offer unrivalled levels of thermal performance and security.

Glass Extension Warwick
Glass Extension Warwick

Enjoy the sunlight entering your home. This is without the worry that your room will feel more like a greenhouse during the summer. In the winter, because of the thermal performance, your property in Warwick and the surrounding area may feel warmer for longer. This could also have a positive benefit with your energy bills as you could potentially see a lower price. Your carbon footprint may even shrink from the more moderate use of energy to heat your home in Warwick and the surrounding areas.

Glazed Extension Prices In Warwick And The Surrounding Areas

Are you looking to breathe new life into your Warwick property? Well, look no further than our glazed extensions. We are proud to fit these for customers in Warwick and throughout the surrounding areas. By focusing on security and thermal performance, these installations will not only look beautiful (like the case study above), but they will perform beautifully too.

If you have any questions, please fill out our online contact form. One of our expert team members will have all the information you need for a glazed extension. We will be sure to respond to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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