Transforming Aesthetics With Windows, Doors & Cladding

We completely changed the aesthetics of the property without making the house seem entirely different. We achieved this by removing the outdated looking Cotswold stone. This was then replaced with modern shiplap cladding. This runs down one side of the property and gives it a modern edge. The cladding is white to match the windows and door we fitted for the customer too.

The new double glazed windows that were fitted were white chamfered and constructed out of robust and durable uPVC. This allowed us to fit large spans of glazing for the maximum amount of natural light exposure. This was important for the client as they wanted to enhance their rooms inside naturally.

The final things we replaced were the doors. Our team installed a uPVC fully glazed door as well as a stunning composite door. The uPVC door features a side panel along with a mid-rail including a letterbox and a top tickle vent. This allows air to ventilate into the porch area and reduces the risk of condensation and mould growth. The internal side panel next to the composite door is opaque glass with a mid-rail.

The composite door is internally featuring a brown wood effect and an oval shape that was filled with decorative glazing. This particular installation is known as a Rockdoor Montana Libra. These installations are known for their strength, durability, security and thermal performance. All of these installations put together look fantastic. Our client was delighted when they saw their new home and were proud to show it off too.

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Benefits of Replacing Double Glazing

The customer is over the moon with this installation. This is because it has breathed new life into the aesthetics of their property. However, this wasn’t the only benefit they saw. They even felt that their property in Warwickshire was much warmer than it was before! This is a fantastic benefit to notice as they will be able to reduce their carbon footprint.

before renovation coventry
cladding coventry

Not only this, but they will see a reduction in their energy bills. This is due to the warmth of their home becoming more noticeable. Heating will, therefore, be reduced as it will take less energy to heat the house. The thermal performance also enhances the weatherproofing of this installation. Mould build-up and condensation will be a thing of the past for this household!

Windows, Doors and Cladding Prices, Warwickshire

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