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We install flush sash windows across… Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwickshire.

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Approved by Secured by Design

When Solihull homeowners come to us for their uPVC flush sash windows they can do so with confidence, as they will be guaranteed a home improvement product that will enhance their home's security. This is due to the fact that our windows are Secured by Design approved, which is a police-backed scheme that tests double glazing products against the latest break-in techniques and technology. As well as enhancing the appearance of your home, when you install our uPVC flush sash windows, the performance levels will be improved too, including the levels of security.

First Class Quality

Our uPVC flush sash windows hold another important certification, this one being from The British Board of Agreement (BBA), which demonstrates that they are a quality product. Our uPVC flush sash windows are the perfect balance of form and function, as once installed they give your Solihull home instant added kerbside appeal, as well as a host of practical benefits. Our uPVC flush sash windows are designed to last a lifetime, and the BBA certification only further highlights the quality of these windows.


Everyone is aware of the fact that we all need to be as environmentally friendly as possible, especially when it comes to the home improvement products we win tall in our Solihull homes. This is why we only stock eco-friendly products, that we believe are some of the most sustainable on the market today. So when you choose to install our uPVC flush sash windows, you can be confident that you are not raising your carbon footprint as the uPVC used to make them is 100% recyclable. Our uPVC flush sash windows are also highly durable so will last you a lifetime, even if they are no longer required the good news is that they will not end up as landfill, but recycled to be used again. Investing in our uPVC flush sash windows is a good decision for you and the planet.

Timeless Appeal

Whatever the style of your Solihull home our uPVC flush sash windows will provide a seamless fit. Whether your home is heritage, modern, period or contemporary, our uPVC flush sash windows will appear as if they were part of the original design and not an awkward add-on. This is because of their timeless, classic design that complements both modern and traditional styled properties in Solihull. Our c uPVC flush sash windows have a sleek appearance with the sash sitting flush in the frame, this feature recalls traditional timber framed joinery and craftsmanship, resulting in an elegant window. With our uPVC flush sash windows when they are closed, the window does not stick out from the frame. This ergonomic feature also makes these uPVC flush sash windows easier to clean.
Flush Sash Windows Royal Leamington Spa
Flush Sash Windows Royal Leamington Spa
The performance levels of our uPVC flush sash windows match their aesthetics, as the cutting-edge technology used to manufacture them enables them to offer your home numerous practical benefits, including enhanced security, thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.

Benefits of our uPVC flush sash windows

Thermally efficient

One of the most important benefits of our uPVC flush sash windows is that your home will become warmer, but not because you are using more energy. Quite the opposite, thanks to the way our uPVC flush sash windows are manufactured you should expect to see your energy bills reduce in size. This is because our uPVC flush sash windows have a multi-chambered profile; this innovative feature traps the warm air and so provides a layer of insulation between our home and the cold air outside. Our multi-chambered profile also boasts top-quality sealants, meaning there are no gaps for cold air to enter your home or warm air to escape.

Customisable design

Here at Warwick Glass, we want you to find the right windows that suit your personal taste and the architectural style of your Solihull home. You can choose the colour of your frames from a wide range of colours, as well as picking the hardware accessories, so when you install your uPVC flush sash windows, they will be a true reflection of your personality and a complement to your home's design.

Expertly manufactured

Whilst the appearance of our uPVC flush sash windows recalls times gone by, with their beautiful frames and glazing, their performance levels are very much of today. This is down to the way our uPVC flush sash windows are manufactured, they feature deep bottom rails, mechanically jointed sashes and hand-forged hardware. They all work together in harmony to give you a product that operates beautifully and looks amazing. Our uPVC flush sash windows give you the charm of traditional windows but the practical benefits and longevity of the future.

Easy maintenance

Gone are the days of taking time out of your busy day to look after your windows, with our uPVC flush sash windows, the maintenance levels are almost zero. All they need is a wipe-down with a warm, damp cloth to keep them looking pristine. Unlike timber framed windows, our uPVC flush sash windows will not bow, crack, fade or distort, however wet the weather.


uPVC Flush Sash Windows Prices Solihull


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