UPVC Bi-Fold Doors

...your home, your style 

UPVC Bi-Fold

UPVC Bi-Fold

Doors that add a new dimension to your home

They flood the room with fresh air and natural light and provide a seamless transition from inside to outside.

Because Bifold doors allow for a 90% opening space as opposed to a 40% opening with traditional patio doors, they bring the ‘WOW’ factor to any garden room.

Bifolding doors have slim frames and concealed hardware, so they give you more glass, and therefore less to spoil the view. And the low threshold option is ideal for wheelchair users and older people because they are flusher to the floor and so create fewer trip hazards. The doors can be configured to open inwards or outwards, with between two to six panes depending on the size of the opening and there is a great choice of colours and finishes to suit your home.

  • Door-uPVCBifold-ChromeHandleOptions

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Bring the outside inside.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-CreateSpace

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Create space.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-CreateYourCentrePeice

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Create your center piece.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-FullColourRange

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Full colour range.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-HandleOptions

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Handle options.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-LowThrwshold

    UPVC Bi-Fold

    Low threshold.
  • Door-uPVCBifold-Space

    UPVC Bi-Fold

  • Door-uPVCBifold-Warmth

    UPVC Bi-Fold


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