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Create a New Room

The stunning vaulted, plastered ceiling of our tiled conservatory roofs provides Shipston-on-Stour homeowners with a chance to harmonise their home. Our tiled roofing solutions are easy to customise, to ensure it suits your property. No matter the style, size or era of your Shipston-on-Stour home, we can install something that will perfectly complement the architecture of your home. Get in touch today to learn more.

Wall Options

Our tiled conservatory roofs can be supported by traditional walls or brick or stone pillars and incorporate your choice of doors and windows. This means that it upholds a fantastic level of versatility, allowing you to design a new living space that both performs and looks exactly as you want it to. The versatility of our roofs also reduces installation time as it allows us to work with a broader range of project specifications.

Superior Insulation

Our tiled conservatory roofs deliver more insulation in comparison to traditionally built roofs. Enjoy a warm space in winter and a cooler conservatory in summer; achieving a 0.18 W/m²K U-value. Avoid that stuffy summer greenhouse feeling or the icy winter atmosphere that is associated with outdated builds. Enjoy a conservatory in Shipston-on-Stour that can be used all year round when investing in our tiled conservatory roofs.

All-Year Round Space

Our tiled conservatory roofs will help create a sleek and highly insulated room that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether your Shipston-on-Stour home is contemporary or traditional, the addition of a tiled roof to your conservatory will perfectly complement it. No matter the reason you are adding one of our tiled conservatory roofs, enjoy a year round living space.
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Tiled Conservatory Roofs quotes Shipston-on-Stour
Our innovative range of tiled conservatory roofs extends your living space in perfect harmony with your Shipston-on-Stour home to give you a versatile new area. It can either be used on a new extension or replace your existing conservatory roof. It creates a visually appealing, spacious vaulted ceiling inside, whilst matching the existing tiled roof finish externally. Our roofing systems outperform a traditional conservatory roof in almost all areas.

Benefits of Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Thermally Efficient

Investing in a modern tiled conservatory roof not only adds visual appeal, but it also works to boost the overall heat retention of your home. With one of our skillfully installed roofs combined with market-leading windows and doors, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to retain warmth inside your home for longer. As a result, this means that you could find yourself enjoying lower annual heating bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

LABC Approved

Reduce building control checks by choosing a LABC registered roofing system. With this system in place, you can feel confident that you’ll be able to bring a new roof to your extension that is set to last the test of time. The accreditation from an independent governing body is evidence of our commitment to ensuring we offer our customers high quality roofing designs. Rest assured that your new roof system will continue to bring lasting value long after we have installed in.

Tile Options and Roof Windows

We cater our tiled conservatory roofs to the requirements of your home and your personal tastes. Enjoy a high quality addition that will make your extension feel brighter, larger and more welcoming. We offer a range of visually appealing and long lasting tiles. Let the room flood with natural light whilst also keeping the elements outside in Shipston-on-Stour, where they belong. Get in touch to learn about double glazing and tiled conservatory roofs.

Low Maintenance

Although our tiled conservatory roofs are inspired by traditional designs, they do not suffer from any of the issues that usually accompany older designs. You won’t have to worry about our tiled conservatory roofs requiring constant upkeep to keep them looking and performing as good as the day installed. You can also rest assured that their structural integrity won’t be compromised by a poor design that can’t handle the adverse Shipston-on-Stour weather.



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