uPVC Flush Sash Windows Royal Leamington Spa

We install flush sash windows across… Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwickshire.

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Secured by Design Approved

Secured by Design is a police backed initiative that tests double glazing products such as uPVC flush sash windows against the latest break-in techniques and technology. We are proud to announce that our flush sash windows are Secured by Design approved. Feel confident with your new purchase knowing that it has been put through a strict testing process. Your new windows will keep your home safe and secure.

Premium Quality

With our uPVC flush sash windows being British Board of Agreement (BBA) certified, you can feel reassured that you will receive a product that is of the highest quality. Your Royal Leamington Spa home will have added value and style after installation. This will make your new windows a worthwhile investment and addition. With our BBA certification, you do not have to take our word that our windows are the best on the market – you can see for yourself.

Eco Friendly

At Warwick Glass, we understand how important it is that all available products in all industries are environmentally friendly. This is why we feel that we have a duty to provide our customers in Royal Leamington Spa with a green alternative to unsustainable options on the market. All of our uPVC flush sash windows are made using 100% recyclable uPVC. This ensures that when your windows eventually come to the end of their life, which definitely won’t be in your life, they can be repurposed. This makes them a sustainable choice for all.

Heritage Appeal

Here at Warwick Glass, we offer a range of uPVC flush sash windows to homeowners in Royal Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas. Although this uPVC window style is incredibly popular, it is not known to all. Flush sash windows are perfect for those looking to add a heritage touch to their modern or traditional property. Similar to casement windows, flush sash windows offer a more sleek and refined look thanks to the sash sitting flush in the frame. This creates a traditional timber joinery effect that is very elegant. When these windows are closed, the window does not stick out from the frame. This ergonomic design offers many benefits, as well as style. Enjoy windows that are easier to clean.
Flush Sash Windows Royal Leamington Spa
Flush Sash Windows Royal Leamington Spa
As well as looking good, our flush sash windows also offer a range of benefits to your home. They are the best combination of modern technology and rustic style. Your Royal Leamington Spa home will be warmer, more secure, and weatherproof.


Thermally Efficient

With our uPVC flush sash windows, your home will be warmer than ever. This is all thanks to our window’s innovative multi-chambered profile. This works to trap bubbles of air and therefore retain heat. With this, your home will remain a consistent temperature all year round. Professionally installed sealants work to make sure that there are no gaps surrounding the profile for heat to escape. After installation, watch as your heating bills decrease as you start to rely less on central heating.


Our uPVC flush sash windows come in a range of different styles, colours and finishes. This is to ensure that we have something for all of our customers in Royal Leamington Spa, no matter their style preference. We also offer a range of hardware accessories that will allow you to create the personalised finishing touch. Let your new installation maintain or reinvent the style of your home.

Attention to Detail

Here at Warwick Glass, we aim to improve traditional styles rather than replace them. Because of this, our flush sash windows feature deep bottom rails, mechanically jointed sashes and hand-forged hardware. All of these features work together to create a window that has the traditional charm of authentic designs but with added performance benefits. Add 21st-century style with conventional charm.

Low Maintenance

Our flush sash windows are made using uPVC for a range of reasons. One of the main being that they do not come with the hours of upkeep and maintenance required with wooden windows. Where wooden windows distort, bow and crack after exposure to wet weather, uPVC does not. It remains completely unaffected allowing for a long-lasting, durable product. Save time and money with Warwick Glass.


uPVC Flush Sash Windows Prices Royal Leamington Spa


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